Dr. Jones and Sandy Certified

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Dr. Larry Don Jones and Sandra Jones, RN, RDH were certified in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support by the American Heart Association in December.  This comprehensive course using lecture and hands-on practice with sophisticated, computer controlled manikins emphasized the steps recommended after basic life support (CPR).  The course involved the recognition of life threating EKG rhythms, advanced airway management, use of advanced cardiac drugs and various routes of administration including intravenous and intraosseous.  The course was taught in conjunction with a Pediatric Advanced Life Support course, so techniques unique to pediatric patients was also included in the instruction.

Said Dr. Jones, “This is one of the best courses we have taken in 10 years.”  The take-away message from the course, said Dr. Jones was, “start CPR as soon as possible, do compressions as hard and fast as possible and defibrillate as soon as possible.”  This makes the steps taken in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support that much more likely to be successful.